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[New Torrent] Windows Ubuntu (Wubuntu) 11.4.2 Win11 Plasma amd64 ISO

Started by TheLinuxMan, September 21, 2023, 12:17:19 PM

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The Windows Ubuntu Operating System
Wubuntu aka "Windows Ubuntu" is an operating system that inherits all the appearance and functionality of Microsoft Windows, but does not require TPM, secure boot or any other hardware requirement for its operation. Developed using the Ubuntu operating system as a base, you have a fast, secure and very efficient system. You will also be able to run Microsoft Windows and Android applications using Wubuntu.

Compatible with Windows applications
Run your favorite .exe and .msi applications with the improved Wine compatibility layer.

Microsoft ecosystem
Enjoy embedded apps like Microsoft Edge, Teams, Skype, PowerShell, Code and more.

Safe and very fast
Wubuntu is fast and secure, very secure. No more worries about viruses and crashes.

All the ease of Microsoft Windows 11 with the power, speed and security of Linux. Take advantage of all the learning curve you already have and just worry about producing.

KDE Plasma Technology
Wubuntu Plasma utilizes the KDE window manager, a modern, highly customizable, feature-packed desktop.

You don't need a powerful computer. Devices with dual core processors and 2GB of ram are already able to work.

Visit the Wubuntu Website here:


Get the Professional key here: