Author Topic: [New Torrent] Xerolinux Main 16.06.2022 x86 64 ISO  (Read 33 times)


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[New Torrent] Xerolinux Main 16.06.2022 x86 64 ISO
« on: June 21, 2022, 07:26:13 am »
This is XeroLinux - an Arch-based Distro with KDE Plasma Desktop. It started as a personal project for myself, that has quickly grown to become something much bigger.

It's a custom Distro suited for people who like eye-candy. It also uses the select what you need during install in Calamares method, pulling everything from the net, that way you always have latest packages out the box.

Kindly note that everything in XeroLinux is by choice. Choices are what makes Linux great.I hope yours agree with mine..

I have built it so on ISO itself there's only ArchLinux + my Desktop of choice KDE Plasma, rest is installed via Calamares Installer. That way we are not forced by any package, we are free to choose whatever we please from the list. Now the more packages we select, the longer installation will take, but best part of Linux is that packages are rather small so won't take too long.

Visit the developers website here: