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[New Torrent] community-pclinuxos64-tde-mini-2022.06

Started by DeBaas, June 20, 2022, 03:36:06 PM

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 I'm back - and a new Trinity Mini :)  
« on: 11 June 2022, » by community member reelcat.  

Hi everyone,  

Two weeks ago, I finished my service in the Territorial Army on the border with Belarus. The fence is almost ready and I have finally returned home. I had to deal with various backlog issues, one of them was the PCLinuxOS update. After so long, however, there were some problems with the system upgrade, so I opted for a fresh install. I didn't want to do that with the ISO from six months ago, so I made a new Mini and installed it on my machine. Everything went smoothly and without problems. So, even though the release is over a week old, I have uploaded it to our Trinity website.
This is the regular release of PCLinusOS TDE Mini, based on the (then most recent) Darkstar 2022.04.30.  

- LTS kernel 5.15.35;  
- Trinity DE R14.0.12;  
- PulseAudio support;  
- Networkmanager-gui;
- zstd compressed ISO;  
- UEFI live boot enabled, secure boot not supported;  
- fully updated as of 31 May 2022;  
- size: 1.8 GB.  

Included dark themes: TDE-Dark and Arc-Darkest for TDE, Qt5 and GTK2/3. Since the Trinity developers have added the deKorator window decoration, an Oxygen-like appearance is possible (and actually applied to the guest account).  

It's good to finally be back...  :D  

-- Chris :)  



Extra GPU info:  
For older nvidia340 driver open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1)  
root    # enter  
        # no password required (or password root for some community iso's)  
        # be sure you have your internet wired connected  
apt-get update # enter  
apt-get install dkms-nvidia340 # enter  
XFdrake --auto # enter  
init 3  # enter  
        # wait a 30 secconds then enter  
        # to get your prompt back  
# root    # enter        Sometimes needed root login again  
init 5  # enter  

For some ATI/AMD, apt-get install kernel-amdgpu