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      README & CHANGELOG - Sayyadina


Note for 32-bits users:
We believe that the use of 32-bits versions can not give the end users it's full potential of the OS, for this
further development on the (i386) 32-bits architecture has been stopped upon the 11.0.x series.
Current 32-bits users are able to use 32-bits series until their end of life are reached.

Do NOT upgrade servers from below series
Upgrading NAS4Free "Embedded" or "Full" from any version below by webgui or from
LiveCD/USB could be problematic, we have increased the size of the boot partition & partition layout.
Please download and save your NAS4Free config and backup all files from the second data partition if used.
Now you can perform a reinstall from livecd/usb, after installation you can restore your saved config
and continue using your server the same way as before.

Install from scratch:
Download NAS4Free livecd or liveusb and boot from it.
The compressed LiveUSB.img.gz needs to be extracted first before you can write it to usb media,
You can use it with Win32DiskImager or other tool.
Press 9 for the install menu, we recommand an embedded installation.

** Embedded.img.xz is only for upgrades by WEBGUI, do not extract and write to any media for fast installs! **
It will be problematic as it doesn't make the required partitions you do need!

Upgrade note:
RRDGraphs extension can no longer be used with 11.x series, disable and deinstall before upgrade!
RRDGraphs are now included in 11.x series, you can setup on webgui System > Advanced > Monitoring Setup.
Areca non-RAID HBAs ARC-1300/ARC-1320 series are no longer supported on 11.x series.
You must associate CARP with physical interface explicitly after upgrading to 11.x from 9.3 series.
You may need modifying your NFS and AFP share settings.
You may need modifying your ftp settings, no longer SSL is supported (only TLS).
You may need modifying your ups settings.
After upgrading, you might need to re-sync ZFS configuration from Disks|ZFS|Configuration|Synchronize.

** After the upgrade please do make a new backup of your configuration! see: System|Backup/Restore on menu **

Permanent Restrictions:
- It is not possible to format a SoftRAID disk with MSDOS FAT16/32.
- It is not possible to encrypt a disk partition, only complete disks are supported.
- AFP shares with TimeMachine support are limited to max. 4 shares.
- Tool iperf3 is not backwards compatible with iperf2.x. you must upgrade your client.

Minimum System Requirements: series!
Browser: IE 10 or higher or other recent browser.
Processor: Multicore 64-bit processor or better.
Boot device: 2GB minimum for "Embedded" platform, 4GB for Full platform.
Memory: "Embedded" 2GB minimum Ram, "Full" platform 2GB minimum Ram.
We advice to use an emmbedded install on USB/CF/SSD media.

*Note: LiveCD is not supported on swap mode except installation and upgrading.
Swap less install (not recommended): physical memory 2GB Ram or higher required.
With swap*: physical memory 512MB Ram + swap 512MB minimum (swap 1024MB is recommended).

Don't forget to backup the current system configuration of NAS4Free before upgrading!

1. System|Backup/Restore Restore your config.
2. Disks|Management  click on Clear config and Import disks to update configuration.
3. Disks|Management|Disk Edit  After step 2, you will need to re-activate S.M.A.R.T.
  monitoring for every device.

*Note  If you have RAID controllers but cannot parse S.M.A.R.T. info properly,
 please add correct variables in System|Advanced|loader.conf to load the correct
 kernel modules for controller support. Then reboot and Clear config and Import disks
 again to update the configuration.

Login error 403
Do you have WebGUI Login error 403?
Make shure the pc is in the same network!
by default the System|General Setup Hosts allow field is empty so any one on
the same network of LAN interface can access the WebGUI allowed.
With a space delimited set of IP or CIDR notation you can add computers from outer network.
As an example the outer IP address and LAN address for remote access.

HAST (Highly Available Storage)
It is still experimental in the WebGUI. You need CLI in some tasks.
To evaluate HAST, you need two the same configured NAS4Free servers.
Currently iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, GPTUFS and ZFS on HAST is supported.
For master node of WebGUI, carp advskew is assumed as 0 or 1.

- Upgrade to FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-P3.
- Update config to 2.8.
- Changes XMD driver has been removed.
- Add system RRDGraphs monitoring.
- Add SMB protocols and configuration options.
- Add integrity checks firmware upgrade.
- Add Zend OPcache module.
- Add APCu module.
- Deleted unmaintained translations.
- Update translations.
- Improved System|Advanced|Command Scripts page.
- Improved Diagnostics|Information|Space Used page.
- Improved Diagnostics|Information|Mounts page.
- Improved Diagnostics|Information|Swap page.
- Improved Disks|ZFS|Pools|Information page.
- Improved Disks|ZFS|Pools|I/O Statistics page.
- Improved conversion to xml.
- Change service Webserver to use FastCGI.
- Upgrade inadyn-mt to 02.28.10.
- Upgrade tmux to 2.3.
- Upgrade zoneinfo to 2016h.
- Upgrade virtualbox-ose to 5.1.8.
- Upgrade sudo to 1.8.18p1.
- Upgrade nano to 2.7.1.
- Upgrade iperf3 to 3.1.4.
- Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.43.
- Upgrade tzdata to 2016i.
- Upgrade samba to 4.3.12.
- Upgrade php to 7.0.13.
- Upgrade syncthing to 0.14.11.
- Upgrade msmtp to 1.6.6.

- Fix escaped characters in output.
- Fix support added for pools with more than 10 vdevices.
- Fix support added for vdevices with more than 10 devices.
- Fix exception handling improved.
- Fix config for DNS server configuration.
- Fix sending reports.

Default Login:

**** The default login for NAS4Free WEBGUI ****

username: admin
password: nas4free

**** phpVitualBox's default login ****

username: admin
password: admin

- Change default passwords after setup!!!

For More Information, visit Distrowatch

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