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Torrent robolinux64-v11.07

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Description The Robolinux Series 11 Backdoor Security X2!

Due to the recent Grub2 Bootloader vulnerability affecting billions of Linux computers and servers all three Robolinux 11.07 versions now have two powerful "Robo Backdoor security" apps built in with real time updates to quickly find out if your PC or laptop has been hijacked by any malicious known or unknown backdoor, rootkit, sniffer or exploits.

The Robolinux 11.07 versions sport the 5.4 kernel and have new hardware drivers, important security and application updates. The Series 11's were designed, built and released after hearing from hundreds of Linux desktop Users all over the world who said that they DO NOT want to be CONTACT TRACED or TRACKED or force vaccinated by unscrupulous EVIL Governments and Corporations!

The Robolinux 64 bit UNTRACKER Series 11 Cinnamon, Xfce & Mate 3D desktop versions have the innovative Robo UNTRACKER application which makes it impossible for a PC to be contact traced or tracked also runs on hundreds of other Linux systemd Distros.

You can download the Robo UNTRACKER here:

The Robolinux 64 bit UNTRACKER Series 11 Operating Systems also come with an entirely new set of modern icons. After extensive Ubuntu 20.04 code base testing we found that it was not stable enough to use at this time, so the Robolinux Series 11 versions are built around the robust Ubuntu 18.04 code base with an upgraded 5.3 Linux kernel which provides users with the newest hardware drivers and other important upgrades. The most important and useful feature of our new Series 11 release is the built in Robo UNTRACKER which makes it impossible for a PC or Laptop to be contact traced or tracked because it automatically changes all of your MAC addresses every time you reboot, generating completely new RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet. You can even set it to change your MAC addresses once an hour or even by the minute. The Robolinux64 series 11 versions also have dozens of popular applications such as VLC, Audacious, Firefox, Thunderbird, Deluge Torrent client,  Brasero CD/DVD burner, Simple Screen Recorder and VirtualBox, plus Stealth VM, C Drive to VM and many custom one click installers like Tor Browser, 12P, Tor Chat, Steam, Wireshark, Brave browser, Wire, ElectronMail and many more.

Robolinux 11 users can upgrade to v11.07 in just one click by using the built in Robolinux Auto Upgrade button in the main menu.

Robolinux 10.10 series users can get the new Robo UNTRACKER in just one click by using the built in Robolinux Auto Upgrade button in the main menu to go to v10.11

Here's why the Robo UNTRACKER works

It is a fact that Google and Facebook plus many other iPhone & Android apps and even computer applications are stealing your MAC addresses and are selling your unique identity to extremely EVIL Spy Agencies and other unscrupulous entities! They cannot do this on websites you visit but they can do this when you are connected to any Wifi router anywhere, because it broadcasts your MAC addresses and your public ip address! This is how they know who you are and where you are!

The who you are is Your MAC address. The where you are is Your ip address.

VPN's cannot prevent your internet traffic from exposing your MAC addresses while you are connected to any Wifi router even if you are using an ethernet cable and not Wifi. VPN's provide you with a random geographic ip address but cannot change your MAC addresses. When you use the Robo UNTRACKER which does change your MAC addresses, along with an encrypted VPN only then can your packets become UNTRACEABLE & UNTRACKABLE everywhere you go!

After activating the Robo UNTRACKER, every time you reboot your PC or laptop it will create completely new RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet by automatically changing every ethernet and Wireless MAC address in your PC or Laptop. If you want to change your MAC addresses every minute the Robo UNTRACKER can do that automatically too!

The Robo UNTRACKER creates RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet.

There's even a new RoboPhone that runs the UBports mobile privacy OS with a Robo UNTRACKER App you will be able to download!

For details about RoboPhone with the new UBports privacy OS and a Robo UNTRACKER App you will be able to download please click on the url below:

Please support Robolinux on Patreon.

Please subscribe to the Robolinux BITCHUTE Channel:

Follower of Yashua Forever

John Martinson "The Robo"




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