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Tuxedo OS 2 202403270701 ISO   
Torrent Tuxedo OS 2 202403270701 ISO

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Description "Making Linux accessible to the general public" - this is our mission at TUXEDO Computers. With TUXEDO OS, we not only offer Linux notebooks and PCs but also the operating system optimized for our hardware.

Fast, secure, powerful and covering all application purposes in the best possible way:
The operating system tailor-made for your TUXEDO!

Based on the KDE plasma desktop, TUXEDO OS creates a user experience that is also suitable for beginners with a large and flexible feature set for Linux professionals.

Why do we invest a lot of extra work and offer our own distribution, especially since there is already a large number out there for every taste?

With its Linux optimized hardware, TUXEDO delights customers with different levels of knowledge about computers in general and Linux in particular.

This ranges from customers who come into contact with Linux for the first time via a TUXEDO and are happy about the comfort of a system pre-installed down to the smallest detail, to professionals who have been using Linux for years. Between these two poles we support distributions like Ubuntu, Kubuntu or openSUSE for our customers and also give noncommittal assistance for other distributions.

But no matter if you are a beginner or a professional - for users who just want to switch on their TUXEDO and start working out-of-the-box and get fast help in case of problems, we offer TUXEDO OS.

With TUXEDO OS you can easily manage your everyday life! Whether it is surfing the web, writing emails, creating presentations or calculations, editing photos or even playing games - TUXEDO OS comes with a multitude of useful apps for most use cases and offers hundreds of additional, reviewed apps (mostly) free to download via the integrated app store.

The developer community KDE, which is also responsible for the TUXEDO OS underlying desktop system "Plasma", has developed a number of apps, of which we present the best apps and tools from KDE in a separate article.

The integration of all necessary and tested hardware drivers (including the proprietary but performant NVIDIA graphics driver) ensures flawless functionality on TUXEDO hardware, but also on many third-party PCs, which makes tedious manual driver installations are a thing of the past.

Surf the web, work remotely from anywhere you want and across operating systems with cloud-based web apps, write and receive emails and chat with colleagues, friends and family. TUXEDO OS gives you all the possibilities to easily port all your web activities from Windows or macOS to Linux.

With Mozilla Firefox, which comes pre-installed as a .deb package in TUXEDO OS due to performance and functionality reasons, you surf the web easily and safely.

Manage your emails conveniently with Mozilla Thunderbird. Whether it is writing, reading, or accessing sent or received emails and file attachments without internet connection, Thunderbird keeps you fully organized.

Did you know that many well-known and supposedly not Linux-compatible apps, such as WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Skype or even a feature-reduced version of Adobe Photoshop are available as so-called web apps?

Web apps are particularly known from the popular Chromebooks, but web apps run on any device with Internet connection: Since they run fully in a web browser web apps are platform-independent. All you need is a compatible browser and web access. This means that whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux or Android, a web app works the same way on any platform.

Another advantage is that you don't need to native apps, which take up space on your computer. Save storage on your TUXEDO and just use web apps where you need an internet connection anyway and eliminate all compatibility issues between Linux, Windows or macOS.

Secure? Absolutely!
At TUXEDO we care a lot about data protection and at the same time transparency, which we are commited to in the form of complete open source company philosophy. The source code of every driver and every software package from TUXEDO is freely available for anyone to review.

Needless to say, TUXEDO OS also follows this philosophy. Therefore, we do not preset any telemetry settings (= collection and automatic transfer of data for evaluation purposes) or any advertising or demo software Thus, for the pre-installation of Norton Antivirus or Candy Crush or the need of an online registration, we unfortunately have to refer you to our big competitor based in Redmond, USA.

But with Linux you are also very well protected against viruses and Trojans! Due to the comparatively low distribution, Linux is on the one hand a much less attractive target for hackers than macOS or especially Windows.

On the other hand, malware can hardly spread on the free operating system, because Linux relies on a strict separation of userspace and root environment, which prevents access to large parts of the operating system and makes life much more difficult for viruses and Trojans.

Additional anti-virus software, as under Windows, is therefore hardly common under Linux and is only recommended if you have devices running Windows in your LAN. If you still want to be on the even safer side, we recommend the open source antivirus program ClamAV.

Freely adjust your desktop just the way you like it!
You want to adjust your operating system freely according to your ideas? Then TUXEDO OS, or rather its basis, the KDE Plasma desktop system, is the right choice for you.

The desktop environment "Plasma" developed by the free software community "KDE" offers the most options for customizing the graphical interface of your operating system of all Linux desktop systems.

At first glance, the many options can overwhelm newcomers in particular, but don't worry: basic settings, such as changing the desktop wall paper, positioning the taskbar on the screen, adjusting the size of fonts and icons, as well as changing the system colors is easily done in KDE Plasma or TUXEDO OS.

In this way, the mighty desktop environment offers - according to the motto "Simple by default. Powerful when needed." - both beginners and experienced Linux users a wide variety of customization options.

Please understand, that general questions about third-party software or hardware cannot be answered. Please refer to appropriate forums (e.g. for questions about popular open source software (Thunderbird, GIMP etc.). The research effort for application-specific questions is immense and currently not manageable. However basic compatibility questions about TUXEDO hardware, questions about TUXEDO OS and other TUXEDO-related topics are of course welcome!

Visit the Tuxedo website here:

For More Information, visit Distrowatch

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