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MOFO Linux 7.0   
Torrent MOFO Linux 7.0

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Info Hash 46ee730fe97e556a3cdb87ee279dd2fcd2726767
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Description Welcome to MOFO Linux 7.0!
Defeating National Censorship Barriers

mofolinux-7.0.iso (Release Date: 02/15/2019):  
sha256sum: 8ae1904d3428f9487f5295e626ab2a5f951d6f42ccedb679d098ff49124331dc  
Authentication Document:  
Source Code:  


MOFO Linux is an operating system optimized for defeating all methods of internet censorship and surveillance used by governments, corporations, schools, and internet service providers. It is a tool created to empower people for exercising their unalienable rights to privacy, freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly. These are Creator endowed rights, not priveleges to be metered out at the whims of any government, and protected by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The mission of MOFO Linux is to unblock everything, clearing the way for you to read, write, watch, or listen to any media from anywhere with an internet connection.

MOFO Linux is designed for easy usage on home PCs, laptops, and computers installed in internet cafes around the world.  It is built upon an Ubuntu GNU/Linux base, with has office, multimedia, and internet applications enabling web browsing, productivity, networking, and entertainment.

MOFO Linux contains Encrypted DNS, OpenVPN, Softether, Tor, Freenet, and I2P, and other software tools which provide anonymous and / or secure access to the internet and circumvention of state censorship restrictions.  The system is designed to run from a bootable USB stick or  "frugal install" on a hard drive or SSD. It also runs great in a virtual machine. Browsing history and usage tracks are destroyed on shutdown. For persistence, set up MOFO Linux with an extra casper-rw partition wich will contain user files and system changes.


MOFO Linux is configured with one default user account (mofo), with the ability to execute commands as root.  There are no passwords in the default MOFO Linux distro.  You may create your own password, if desired, but it is not necessary for typical usage. VPN managers may require SSH key creation to set up remote servers. Keys and documents created on the system should be backed up on external storage for later use, if desired.

LANTERN and PSIPHON (Domain Fronting Proxies))

Lantern works well in restricted internet environments. Simply find "Lantern" in the internet application menu. Start Lantern and it will automatically connect to remote servers and provide fast, unrestricted internet access through Firefox.

Psiphon is a circumvention system effective against sophisticated state censorship systems. Access psiphon in the internet application menu, and click to bring up the controller. Select "start" or "stop" as necessary, and the controller will handle the configuration process.


To use an Open VPN service with MOFO Linux, follow these steps:

  • If you don't have a subscription to a VPN service, simply use the free servers at If VPN Gate is blocked in your country, try the mirrors listed below to obtain fresh OpenVPN config files. If OpenVPN is blocked, use Bitmask, Lantern, or Tor Browser to unblock your internet.[/*]
  • Keep a copy of your ovpn, key, ca, and crt files on a USB flashdrive or SD card. After starting MOFO Linux, use the OpenVPN Controller application to locate and open the desired ovpn file. For convenience, the files may be copied to the "openvpn" folder in the home directory. If using VPNGate, be aware that the keys and certificate data are contained within one ovpn file.[/*]
  • NetworkManager can also manage OpenVPN connections. Right click the networking icon and follow the menu prompts for creating a new server connection. The NetworkManager applet will not work with the VPNGate "single ovpn" files, which contain the certificate and key data. Again, use the OpenVPN Controller application for servers operated by VPNGate volunteers.[/*]

    VPN Gate Alternate Mirrors


    Softether is capable of fast broadband data transfers, uses strong encryption, but is highly targeted by censorship authorities.  Client software for Linux is still sparse, but MOFO Linux includes the official client plus a Softether Controller application which will partially automate the connection process.

    WireGuard is the newest VPN added to MOFO Linux, described by its developers as lean, fast, and simple.  It is also cryptographically effective and sound.  Multiple encryption protocols are built in, and WireGuard is respected by professional in the industry.  As with OpenVPN and SoftEther, you can set up your own server or use a commercial service offering the protocol.


    Streisand humorously, gets its name from the "Streisand effect," where attempts to attempts to supress attention to a sensitive actually draws more attention. The circumvention system gets its strength from easily enabling users to set up, manage, and take down their own VPN servers in a matter of minutes, with many different protocols available.

    Outline is a system created by the people at Jigsaw, applying new technology to make a safer world. Users set up their own servers in minutes, configured with VPNs based on shadowsocks tunnels.

    Algo is "a VPN that works" as described by its developers. As with Streisand and outline, Algo handles the rapid creation and management of VPN servers. Algo focuses narrowly on IPSEC and WireGuard protocols, asserting that those two are most effective against present day threats.


    Tor is the oldest and most well developed anonymous network, with extensive infrastructure providing strong anonymity to internet users.  I2P is a new robust privacy and anonymity network. It contains quite a lot of content and services for its users, all resistant to surveillance and censorship. Freenet is an active, decentralised anonymous network designed such that it is impossible to censor and extremely resistant to surveillance. These networks contain internally reachable anonymized websites, chat areas, forums, markets, and exit nodes to the open internet.

    For anonymous web browsing, use the "Tor Browser" application, found in the internet application menu.  The Tor Browser, Tor Messenger, and OnionShare applications are fully configured for routing through Tor.  If you are in China or other countries which block encryption, use the Tor bridges to defeat the blockage.  Meek-Azure and Obfs4 are most effective.  Tor, with Obfs4 or Scramblesuit, may also be run separately using the "Tor Controller" application.  Use the same application to shut down Tor and reconfigure Firefox for normal browsing.

    For I2P, use the "I2P Controller" application, found in the internet application menu.  Use the same application to shut down I2P and reconfigure Firefox for normal browsing.

    In MOFO Linux, Freenet is configured to install freshly from its java package.  Use the "Freenet Installer" application to set it up for the first time.  To stop or restart Freenet, use the buttons within its main browser page.


    The Interplanetary File System is technology providing a robust, decentralised internet based on content of files instead of where they are located, similar to BitTorrent - but better.  Applications and data on IPFS are permanent and distributed - with no single point of failure or vulnerability to censorship.  Media files, databases, websites, archives on IPFS can exist with resilliance and be accessed with high speed. IPFS-Desktop is the application to use for managing files in IPFS or setting up a local IPFS node. Because MOFO Linux does not have persistence, you must back up your IPFS files configs, and credentials on external media before shutting down MOFO Linux.


    Veracrypt is the top multi-platform software for VERY STRONG file system encryption forked from Truecrypt. It has great features and performance - able to encrypt drives and directories, even hiding them from detection. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac systems, so encrypted files may be created or accessed on just about any computer.

    Ecryptfs is an encrypted filesystem with support built into the Linux Kernel.  It is fast, strong, and efficient enough to keep users' files safe from unwanted access.  Use it to encrypt folders or whole drives which will hold sensitive data.  Ecryptfs is the principal means of encrypting the home directory and other storage volumes in Linux.

    It is suggested that users run MOFO Linux from a bootable flash drive and keep a separate flashdrive partition for encrypted files.  Another option is to use a separate drive and encrypt its entire contents, accessing it through Veracrypt.  Doing that, it is possible to carry a large volume of data which is quite difficult to detect and even more difficult to decrypt.  In theory, a well-arranged encrypted volume should be secure for centuries. Be careful to create strong passwords.  Do not allow any secret keys to be compromised. Use Bleachbit to wipe free space on your storage media.

    Signal provides secure, end to end private messaging, supporting text, voice, video, and file attachments.

    Riot is a decentralised and encrypted instant messaging platform, enabling people to connect and collaborate securely over voice, text, and video.

    Telegram is a cloud based private messaging service supporting one on one or group communications.


    Kodi Media Center provides access to thousands of high quality video and audio streams from around the world. Multimedia apps may be enhanced by PulseEffects for systemwide audio equalization, compression, and limiting for extra punch in home theater / office presentation environments.

    Radio stations around the world are available for direct, off the air listening via  hundreds of software defined radio (SDR) servers.  Firefox contains a bookmarked list of top SDR servers around the world.  They are like a "radio in your web browser" for tuning in news, music, political, and religious content on an unlimited global scale.  Also, the VLC Media Player can stream podcasts, internet radio, and video from around the world.


    MOFO defaults to English on startup, with ability to change the system to Chinese or Arabic in the Settings application. Multilanguage keyboard input is always available. To change the system language, select it in "Language support", then LOG OUT and LOG BACK IN without turning off the computer. The new language will then be activated. Language support in Firefox may be managed by using the Tools -> Addons -> Languages menu.


    MOFO Linux wishes to acknowledge and thank the developers creating Ubuntu Linux, the base system upon which MOFO Linux is built. Ubuntu provides incredibly smooth operation, fast perfomance, and a pleasant user interface quite suitable for building customized systems. The developers of the many cryptographic / VPN systems used by MOFO Linux get a nod too! Without OpenVPN, Tor, RSA, SSL, Shadowsocks, and other technologies, the world would be a much less free and more dangerous place.


    Great effort goes into making MOFO Linux safe and free of malware.  To verify that your copy of the iso image file is authentic, undamaged, and unaltered, check the sha256sum against the official authentication document and verify the digital signature of MOFO Linux.  The authentication document is available by the download link at Use the "Passwords and Keys" or equivalent application to check the signature.  Import the MOFO Linux public key from or


    MOFO Linux is provided as is. No guarantees or warranties are applicable to MOFO Linux. Much of the software is beta, may be subject to countermeasures, or blocked by adversarial internet providers. Use of software in MOFO Linux is solely at the user's own discretion and risk. Users are responsible for content accessed. MOFO Linux is not endorsed by or affiliated with Ubuntu / Canonical / Debian GNU/Linux.


    Version 7.0:
    Base System: Ubuntu 18.04.2  
    Linux Kernel 4.20.0-xanmod1  
    MATE Desktop Environment 1.20.1  
    Added Algo VPN (2019-02-02)  
    Added Multi-Messenger Firefox Addon 1.4.0  
    Added Outline Manager 1.2.2  
    Added Riot Instant Messenger 0.17.9  
    Added Streisand (2019-01-15)  
    Added Stubby (DNS-Over-TLS) 0.2.2  
    Added Telegram Desktop 1.5.11  
    Added Wireguard VPN 0.0.20190123  
    Maintained Jami (Ring) 20190125.1  
    Removed Bitmask  
    Removed Cjdns  
    Removed DNScrypt-Proxy  
    Removed Jitsi  
    Removed ZuluCrypt  
    Upgraded Bleachbit 2.0  
    Upgraded Ecryptfs Utilities 111  
    Upgraded Enigmail 2.0.8  
    Upgraded Firefox Quantum 66.0.b6  
    Upgraded Freenet Installer 1483
    Upgraded I2P 0.9.38-0  
    Upgraded IPFS-Desktop 0.6.1  
    Upgraded Lantern 5.2.8  
    Upgraded Obfs4proxy 0.0.7  
    Upgraded Onionshare 1.3.1  
    Upgraded OpenVPN 2.4.4  
    Upgraded Signal Desktop 1.21.1  
    Upgraded SoftEtherVPN 5.01.9669  
    Upgraded Thunderbird 60.2.1 (with Enigmail and TorBirdy)  
    Upgraded Tor  
    Upgraded TorBirdy 0.2.3  
    Upgraded Tor Browser 8.0.a10  
    Upgraded VeraCrypt 1.22  
    Upgraded WebSDR Server List (Integrated as Firefox Bookmarks)  

    End of Document

    For More Information, visit Distrowatch

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    Dona Paula Escorts Service
    Miramar Escorts Service
    North Goa Escorts Service
    Panaji Escorts Service
    Siolim Escorts Service
    South Goa Escorts Service
    Vagator  Escorts Service
    Vasco Da Gama Escorts Service
    Margao Escorts Service
    Benaulim Escorts Service
    Arambol Beach Escorts Service
    Anjuna Beach Escorts Service
    Agonda Beach Escorts Service
    Baga Beach Escorts Service
    Mapusa Escorts Service
    Tiswadi Escorts Service
    Valpoi Escorts Service
    Colva Escorts Service
    Fatorpa Escorts Service
    Ponda  Escorts Service
    Dhanbad Escorts Service
    Ranchi Escorts Service
    Bokaro Escorts Service
    Deoghar Escorts Service
    Chakradharpur Escorts Service
    Phusro Escorts Service
    Hazaribagh Escorts Service
    Giridih Escorts Service
    Medininagar Escorts Service
    Chirkunda Escorts Service
    Chas Escorts Service
    Dumka Escorts Service
    Simdega Escorts Service
    Kochi Escorts Service
    Thiruvananthapuram Escorts Service
    Kozhikode Escorts Service
    Thrissur Escorts Service
    Kollam Escorts Service
    Kannur Escorts Service
    Alappuzha Escorts Service
    Kottayam Escorts Service
    Palakkad Escorts Service
    Munnar Escorts Service
    Malappuram Escorts Service
    Kovalam Escorts Service
    Guruvayur Escorts Service
    Kasaragod Escorts Service
    Aluva Escorts Service
    Pathanamthitta Escorts Service
    Thalassery Escorts Service
    Visakhapatnam Escorts Service
    Vijayawada Escorts Service
    Bhimavaram Escorts Service
    Gudivada Escorts Service
    Narasaraopet Escorts Service
    Eluru Escorts Service
    Vizianagaram Escorts Service
    Nellore Escorts Service