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Linuxtracker Wish List!

Started by mcangeli, November 27, 2018, 09:07:23 AM

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Got a feature for the site you would like to see??

Drop us a note here!


Instead of having a crypto miner automatically enabled on the website, please have an opt-in miner that is persistent across all pages. I would enable it on some visits and not others.
You could even show stats for the user and other users in order to get a sense of competition, and to be able to see how much your mining has helped the site.


I had that at one point in time. You had to opt in and it did allow users to see stats. We were not seeing enough income from it, so we removed the miner and went back to traditional ads (which now seems to have been a good choice with how crypto has dropped recently....)

but thank you for the suggestion!


Just a few modifications/fixes/recommendations I would recommend. Going through the site and writing them down as I see them.

-The upload new torrent forum posts are a waste if ask me as no one reads them. Should remove them all together. If just spams the forum snippet on the main index page.

-The torrents page recommended torrents doesn't not pull seed/peer stats correctly for internal torrents.

-The messaging and forums bring you to like another version of the site sometimes, that if could combine those functions to the main site everytime, would be nice.

-Repetition system is useless that should be removed all together in my opinion.

-The WHOIS IP queries that admin see are useless. Just add a link to go to a site to run an IP address if need to.

-Can we add a dark theme to the site?

-The category images are out of date and probably should just remove them altogether and just keep the categories as text as half of them are already now, and a lighter load for server

-Top torrents on main index page should be removed as there is already a tab to click on for top torrents

-The page drop down menu at the bottom of the torrents page doesn't bring you to another page like the page drop down top menu does on the torrents page

-On the extra stats page, the 10 most active and 10 most seeded are exact. Should take out one of them.

-The image code has no use when uploading for uploaders and above. It is just a pain to deal with. Non verified and non-uploaders it has to stay obviously.

-Staff comment box for uploading for those of us that see it, are useless as nobody uses it

-On the users page, can you add an "Banned" for "User Level"

-The IRC button on the main menu snippet on the index page just throws an error on the index page and should be removed

-The categories snippet on index page should be removed as that is what the torrents page is for.

-The Distro watch site link should be more towards the top of site so that more users see it and browse to it

Will add anymore I see


Since you asked.  The new full-page ads hiding the page I wanted, made me think I had clicked the wrong button!

This frame is too narrow, and the edges are hidden.  Expanding the browser window to full screen doesn't affect the frame, and there is no horizontal scrollbar.


A responsive website would be great. I sometimes visit the website from my smartphone and it's pretty ugly to watch on a small screen :)



Crypto mining could have been such a good replacement to ads, but sites just abused it way too hard.

I was on a site that offered massive ROM download packs, and had a button that said "Mine crypto for us while you download" at the top. I just appreciated it so much since I knew I could help them out, at my own consent, on a computer I was running while I waited for the download anyway.