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[New Torrent] Kali Nethunter 2022.2 GTS4LLTE (Samsung Galaxy Tab S4) Oreo KaliFS Full ZIP


Kali NetHunter provides:

[*]A dedicated NetHunter App, providing a touch screen optimized GUI for common attack categories, such as:
[*]One-click MANA Evil Access Point setups.
USB HID Keyboard attacks, much like the Teensy device is able to do.
[*]BadUSB MITM attacks. Plug in your Kali NetHunter to a victim PC, and have your traffic relayed though it.
[*]Bluetooth attacks.
[*]Full Kali Linux toolset, with many tools available via a simple menu system.
Command line interface to the Kali Linux container.
[*]Kali desktop EXperience (KeX)
[*]Custom, device specific kernel with wireless injection support.
[*]HDMI output of Kali desktop to external display for supported devices.
[*]USB Y-cable with the Kali NetHunter kernel - use your OTG cable while still charging your device!
[*]Software Defined Radio support (SDR). Use Kali NetHunter with your HackRF to explore the wireless radio space.
[*]NetHunter app store allowing you to grow the potential of Kali NetHunter.

Visit the Nethunter project website here:

Visit the Offensive security website here:


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