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660.93 MB
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trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
692.00 MB
11 0
Other Distros
655.00 MB
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lubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso (EXT)
706.00 MB
243 1

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Ubuntu 12 04 2 LTS Desktop (amd64) (Multi.)
The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS (Long-Term Support) for its Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products, as well as other flavours of Ubuntu with long-term support. To help support a broader range of hardware, the 12.04.2 release adds an updated kernel and X stack for new installations on x86 architectures, and matches the ability of 12.10 to install on systems using UEFI firmware with Secure Boot enabled. As usual, this point release includes ma

Added On: 18/02/2013
Size: 695.00 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2671 Magnet Link torrent

--- Pimmetje N/A N/A

ubuntu 14 04 server amd64 iso (Multi.)
ubuntu-14.04-server-amd64 LTS

Added On: 17/04/2014
Size: 564.00 MB
Seeds 4
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2699 Magnet Link torrent

--- Pimmetje N/A N/A

TAILS 1 0 1 (Multi.)
Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to: use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship; all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network; leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging. https://tails

Added On: 12/06/2014
Size: 913.43 MB
Seeds 153
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2700 Magnet Link torrent

--- ObrienDave N/A N/A

Ubuntu 11 10 VMware appliance
Ubuntu 11.10 aka Oneiric Ocelot comes here canned into a VMware image. For running it you will need the free VMware Player software. See the online docs about this [url=][b]Ubuntu 11.10 VMware image[/b][/url] that will get you started. VMware Tools are already installed and tested and our attempts to install the Gnome Shell instead of the Unity desktop are also described there. Finally, here is more general info about running [url=http://www.trend

Added On: 10/11/2011
Size: 719.59 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2707 Magnet Link torrent

--- lotus N/A 100%
Other Distros

SolusOS x86 1 3 iso
SolusOS 1.3 Official 32-bit Torrent

Added On: 19/02/2013
Size: 1,001.00 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2720 Magnet Link torrent

--- ikey N/A 100%

Chakra 2014 02
Chakra is a GNU/Linux distribution with an emphasis on KDE and Qt that focuses on simplicity from a technical standpoint and cutting-edge software, bringing the latest technologies to you, the power user. The downloadable ISO features a bootable environment that allows you to test the system before installing it.

Added On: 03/02/2014
Size: 1.66 GB
Seeds 5
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2776 Magnet Link torrent

--- totte N/A 100%
Other Distros

Huayra GNU/Linux alpha 0 16 (Multi.)
Huayra GNU/Linux Instalable 0.16 (Alpha).Esta imagen es un adelanto para probar el Sistema Operativo Libre del Programa Conectar Igualdad (incluye cliente TPM) English: Huayra GNU / Linux Install version 0.16 (Alpha). This image is a preview to test the free operating system for the Connect Equality Program in Argentina.( Client TPM ok)

Added On: 15/01/2013
Size: 1.94 GB
Seeds 1
Leechers 1
Completed ↑ 2789 Magnet Link torrent

--- HuayraLinux N/A N/A

wifislax 4 9 final
For if friends, once again we are pleased to present a new version of our livecd wifislax. In this version there is a lot of new applications will be just about 10 new. It is more a system update, IMPORTANT, having lately been discovered bugs in kernel ssl and which could eventually collapse the system by overflow to the system memory. Out with 3.13.11 kernel that while in principle was vulnerable, has been PATCHED, is keeping the system with the slackware-current repositories, as it c

Added On: 09/06/2014
Size: 699.98 MB
Seeds 56
Leechers 3
Completed ↑ 2796 Magnet Link torrent

--- scostel N/A 100%

artistx 1 4 (Multi.)
ArtistX is a free DVD which turns a computer into a full multimedia production studio It is based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux and contains nearly all the available free audio, 2D and 3D graphics, and video software for the GNU/Linux computing platform. It doesn?t need to be installed, and boots directly into a running system without touching hard drives. The files produced with ArtistX can be easily stored on USB devices or CD/DVD medium while it is running. If you want to install it please take a lo

Added On: 20/03/2013
Size: 3.83 GB
Seeds 7
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2805 Magnet Link torrent

--- Friseer N/A N/A
Other Distros

backbox 2 01 i386 iso
BackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It has been developed to perform penetration tests and security assessments. Designed to be fast, easy to use and provide a minimal yet complete desktop environment, thanks to its own software repositories, always being updated to the latest stable version of the most used and best known ethical hacking tools.

Added On: 03/01/2012
Size: 971.66 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2814 Magnet Link torrent

--- backbox N/A 100%

Ubuntu Satanic Edition Release 666 10 [x86]
Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.10 (Necrophiliac Necromancer) A new era has begun. Now on DVD and featuring all the music from the previous releases, that’s over 2 hours of pumelling, free heavy metal mayhem to make your neck ache and ears bleed. To make the most of the extra space we have included all of the usual Ubuntu apps and brought them together on our own darkened desktop. Install onto Ubuntu Natty 11.04 using the instructions here. Or download the Undead DVD ISO and give it a try wi

Added On: 28/07/2011
Size: 970.81 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2845 Magnet Link torrent

--- DemonTek N/A 100%

OpenSUSE 13 1 Rescue CD x86 64 (Multi.)
The openSUSE project is a community program sponsored by Novell. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, this program provides free, easy access to openSUSE, a complete Linux distribution. The openSUSE project has three main goals: make openSUSE the easiest Linux for anyone to obtain and the most widely used Linux distribution; leverage open source collaboration to make openSUSE the world's most usable Linux distribution and desktop environment for new and experienced Linux users; dramatically si

Added On: 19/11/2013
Size: 602.00 MB
Seeds 39
Leechers 1
Completed ↑ 2854 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A

kubuntu 14 04 1 desktop amd64 iso (Multi.)
Kubuntu, making your PC friendly Kubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web browser, an office suite, media apps, an instant messaging client and many more. Kubuntu is an open-source alternative to Windows and Office.

Added On: 25/07/2014
Size: 1.00 GB
Seeds 438
Leechers 8
Completed ↑ 2859 Magnet Link torrent

--- ObrienDave N/A N/A

antiX 13 2 x64 full iso
Latest antiX-13.2-full bugfix and enhancements release.

Added On: 05/11/2013
Size: 687.00 MB
Seeds 22
Leechers 0
Completed ↑ 2970 Magnet Link torrent

--- antiX N/A 100%

UBCD 5 3 3 (Multi.)
Ultimate Boot CD is completely free for the download, or could be obtained for a small fee. If you had somehow paid a ridiculous amount of money for it, you have most likely been fleeced. The least you could do is to make as many copies of the offical UBCD and pass it to your friends, relatives, colleagues or even complete strangers to minimize the per unit cost of your loss! link:

Added On: 10/12/2014
Size: 592.40 MB
Seeds 109
Leechers 4
Completed ↑ 2972 Magnet Link torrent

--- ObrienDave N/A N/A
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