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Cat. Filename DL Added Size Uploader S L Recommended by
Linux Lite 3.0 32bit (EXT)
968.00 MB
78 4
trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
692.00 MB
13 0
GeckoLinux_Cinnamon.x86_64-421.160627.0.iso [Static] (EXT)
943.00 MB
7 1
1.40 GB
0 0

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NOOBS v1 4 2 (Multi.)
NOOBS is an easy operating system installer which contains Raspbian. It also provides a selection of alternative operating systems which are then downloaded from the internet and installed. Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and optimised for the Raspberry Pi hardware (the armhf processor architecture). Raspbian comes with over 35,000 packages, or pre-compiled software bundled in a nice format for easy installation on a Raspberry Pi. The initial build was completed

Added On: 29/09/2015
Size: 960.63 MB
Seeds 97
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1560 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A

xubuntu 14 04 3 desktop i386 iso (Multi.)
Adam Conrad has announced the release of an updated version of the Ubuntu distribution and Ubuntu's many community spins. The new download media does not represent a separate new release, rather it provides fresh installation media with up to date packages and bug fixes. Apart from Ubuntu itself, fresh installation media is also available from the Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Xubuntu and Mythbuntu projects. "We have expanded our hardware enablement offer

Added On: 07/08/2015
Size: 936.00 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 3847 Magnet Link torrent

--- merkuron N/A N/A

tails i386 2 4~rc1 iso
The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) is a Debian-based live CD/USB with the goal of providing complete Internet anonymity for the user. The product ships with several Internet applications, including web browser, IRC client, mail client and instant messenger, all pre-configured with security in mind and with all traffic anonymised. To achieve this, Incognito uses the Tor network to make Internet traffic very hard to trace.

Added On: 15/07/2016
Size: 1.06 GB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 28 Magnet Link torrent

--- alienelite N/A 100%

Pardus Kurumsal 2013 KDE 64 bit, Turkish
This is the Turkish version of Pardus 64bit KDE edition. Now based on Debian/Wheezy, new Pardus is created as an installable live DVD. Pardus 2013 is continuation of the official Pardus developed by TUBITAK-ULAKBIM.

Added On: 26/03/2013
Size: 1.67 GB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 4255 Magnet Link torrent

--- hbayindir N/A 100%

Fedora Astronomy KDE Live x86 64 24 (Multi.)
Fedora (formerly Fedora Core) is a Linux distribution developed by the community-supported Fedora Project and owned by Red Hat. Fedora contains software distributed under a free and open-source license and aims to be on the leading edge of such technologies. Fedora has a reputation for focusing on innovation, integrating new technologies early on and working closely with upstream Linux communities. The default desktop in Fedora is the GNOME desktop environment and the default interface is the GN

Added On: 22/06/2016
Size: 2.31 GB
Seeds 15
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 72 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A

smeserver 8 2 x86 64 netinstall iso
SME Server (known as e-smith at the time) was founded in January 1999 by Joseph and Kim Morrison. The company introduced the first version of its flagship software product, the e-smith server and gateway, in April 1999. By the end of the year, many thousands of e-smith servers were running in countries from Fiji to Finland. Word was spreading quickly among developers and systems integrators who needed a solid, easy-to-use server for their small-business customers. In July 2001, e-smith was acqui

Added On: 04/11/2015
Size: 14.48 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 67 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A 100%

SystemRescueCd x86 3 6 0
SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions. It comes with a lot of linux software such as system tools (parted, partimage, fstools, ...) and basic tools (editors, midnight commander, network tools). It can be used for both Linux and windows computers, and on

Added On: 13/05/2013
Size: 417.48 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 143 Magnet Link torrent

--- FuturePilot N/A 100%

Thinstation 2 2 2g LiveCD desktop Setup exe
Thinstation ver. 2.2.2g with a normal desktop and some none-free software (Windows installer)

Added On: 10/05/2011
Size: 68.84 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 10031 Magnet Link torrent

--- kme N/A 100%

Lubuntu 16 04 beta2 alternate i386 (Multi.)
Lubuntu is a fast, lightweight and energy-saving variant of Ubuntu using the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) desktop. It is intended to have low-resource system requirements and is designed primarily for netbooks, mobile devices and older PCs.

Added On: 25/03/2016
Size: 701.00 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 14 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A

gparted live 0 25 0 1 i686
GParted Live is a live disc Linux distribution for managing partitions. MD5 checksum: 630ca39eb0fd59d89ba92aa5de123ec2

Added On: 22/01/2016
Size: 264.00 MB
Seeds 7
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 242 Magnet Link torrent

--- daemonpenguin N/A 100%
Huayra Linux

Huayra GNU/Linux 3 1 amd64 (Multi.)
Spanish: Basado en Debian GNU/Linux, Huayra es mas seguro, mas agil y desarrollado en Argentina teniendo en cuenta las necesidades tantos de estudiantes como de docentes y manteniendo nuestra identidad nacional. Huayra toma su nombre del vocablo quechua que significa viento: viento de cambios, vientos de libertad, vientos de soberania tecnologica. Ademas de ser un sistema operativo libre, Huayra ha sido pensado y desarrollado para el uso de la comunidad educativa. English: Huayra is based o

Added On: 24/09/2015
Size: 3.29 GB
Seeds 7
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 693 Magnet Link torrent

--- HuayraLinux N/A N/A

debianjessiedk gnome amd64 20160225 iso
This is a customized debian with danish language. Dette er en brugerdefineret debian på dansk. Gnome3 baseret install/live DVD baseret på Debian Stable (8) opdateret med sikkerhedspakker per 25/2 2016. Standard sproget er dansk. pre-installeret VirtualBox tools så den fungerer særdeles fint i VirtualBox Den er optimeret mht. -skrifttype -mørk tema -mørk baggrund

Added On: 26/02/2016
Size: 1.54 GB
Seeds 4
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 42 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A 100%

Q4OS 1 2 7 64 bit (Multi.)
Q4OS is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution designed to offer classic-style user interface (Trinity) and simple accessories, and to serve stable APIs for complex third-party applications, such as Google Chrome, VirtualBox and development tools. The system is also very useful for virtual cloud environments due to its very low hardware requirements.

Added On: 10/07/2015
Size: 308.00 MB
Seeds 4
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 9 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A N/A

manjaro deepin 15 12 x86 64 iso (Multi.)
After several months of development we are excited and glad to announce the first stable release of Manjaro Deepin. This Community Edition, based on Manjaro 15.12 ‘Capella’ features the latest updated Deepin Deskop Environment 2015 RC and will be maintained as a rolling release like all other Manjaro editions. Features: Kernel Linux 4.1 Manjaro-Welcome Installers Thus, Calamares and CLI optional Window managers Mutter/Gala or Metacity Chromium Evolution Libr

Added On: 26/12/2015
Size: 1.45 GB
Seeds 17
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 861 Magnet Link torrent

--- merkuron N/A N/A

NAS4Free x64 LiveUSB 10 2 0 2 2003 img gz
NAS4Free is an embedded open-source NAS (Network-Attached Storage) distribution based on FreeBSD. NAS4Free supports sharing across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Apple and UNIX-like systems. NAS4Free is easy to set up in most home and enterprise environments and will allow to manage and share large amounts of data easily across a network. NAS4Free also incorporates many different streaming features for sharing multimedia with other devices on the network. NAS4Free includes ZFS v2

Added On: 09/11/2015
Size: 276.90 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 23 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A 100%
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