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trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
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openmediavault 1 9 amd64
OpenMediaVault is a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution based on Debian GNU/Linux. It contains services like SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS, DAAP media server, rsync, BitTorrent and many more. Thanks to a modular design it can be enhanced via plugins. OpenMediaVault is primarily designed to be used in home environments or small home offices, but is not limited to those scenarios. It is a simple and easy-to-use out-of-the-box solution that will allow everyone to install and administrate a Network-Atta

Added On: 11/02/2015
Size: 347.00 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 42 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A 100%

debian 8 0 0 mips CD 2 iso (Multi.)
The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. This operating system is called Debian GNU/Linux, or simply Debian for short. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel. Linux is a completely free piece of software started by Linus Torvalds and supported by thousands of programmers worldwide. Of course, the thing that people want is application software: programs to help them get what they want to do done, from editing document

Added On: 26/04/2015
Size: 643.29 MB
Seeds 14
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 12 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A N/A

Qmailtoaster VM (Multi.)
Earlier Qmailtoaster VM, Centos 5.x vmdk format All passwords are password

Added On: 28/04/2014
Size: 734.38 MB
Seeds 5
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 36 Magnet Link torrent

--- maddmacc N/A N/A

CentOS 5 7 i386 bin DVD
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS 5.7 for i386 and x86_64 architectures. CentOS 5.7 is based on the upstream release EL 5.7 and includes packages from all variants including server and client. All upstream repositories have been combined into one to make it easier for end users to work with. CentOS conforms fully to the upstream vendor's redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. CentOS 5.7 is the seventh update to the CentOS 5 distribution series,

Added On: 14/09/2011
Size: 3.98 GB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 37611 Magnet Link torrent

--- dytch2220 N/A 100%

linuxmint 9 lxde cd i386
Stable LTS release

Added On: 01/02/2012
Size: 595.24 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 100 Magnet Link torrent

--- jamvaru N/A 100%

linuxaio ubuntu14041 efi iso
For more info see: [url][/url]

Added On: 20/08/2014
Size: 4.48 GB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 31 Magnet Link torrent

--- zpop N/A 100%

Stella6 5 x86 64 2 iso
[img][/img] From [url=]Nux![/url] of [url=]Romanian Linux Users Group[/url]: Stella is a desktop-focused, Gnome2-based CEntOS 6 [u]remix[/u]. Stella is [u]not[/u] a fork. It is available as installable Live media and contains standard CEntOS software plus some multimedia and desktop additions. I made it a rule not to overwrite the Base repository, so besides the changed artwork and naming what you get under the ho

Added On: 14/12/2013
Size: 1.27 GB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 11 Magnet Link torrent

--- Anonymous N/A 100%

tooppy 1 0 precise 5 4 3 iso
ToOpPy LINUX 1.0 is a multilingual (Danish, German, Greek, English (native), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian) GNU-Linux distribution running from live CD (system entirely loaded in RAM) or installable on any medium, suitable for older computers as well as newer. It is made for light, transportable, fast, reliable/customizable and friendly systems lovers. Based on Puppy "Precise" by Barry Kauler, it has all the necessary applications for everyday use. More appli

Added On: 06/06/2013
Size: 227.37 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 253 Magnet Link torrent

--- argolance N/A 100%
Arch linux

bridge xfce 2014 02 i686 (Multi.)
Arch with XFCE Desktop You tube: bridge-xfce-2014.02-i686 SHA1: 22097b14ad15fea9101f9c57770aa52cf6ae0f45 MD5: 789a950a3c752b11ea3cabf109edf2cd

Added On: 07/06/2014
Size: 720.00 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 33 Magnet Link torrent

--- Zanetti N/A N/A

antiX M11 base 686 iso
This is the latest version of antiX. Released on 02 May 2011 Code name Jayaben Desai antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install linux live CD distribution based on Debian Testing and MEPIS for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. The goal of antiX is to provide a light, but fully functional and flexible free operating system for both newcomers and experienced users of Linux. It should run on most computers, ranging from 64MB old PII 266 systems with pre-configured 128MB swap to the lates

Added On: 03/05/2011
Size: 364.00 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 772 Magnet Link torrent

--- antiX N/A 100%

Puppy Linux precise 5 6 1 (Multi.)
Puppy's goals Easily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media. Booting from CD (or DVD), the CD drive is then free for other purposes. Booting from CD (or DVD), save everything back to the CD. Booting from USB Flash drive, minimise writes to extend life indefinitely. Extremely friendly for Linux newbies. Boot up and run extraordinarily fast. Have all the applications needed for daily use. Will just work, no hassles. Will breathe new life into old PCs Load and run totally in RAM for dis

Added On: 30/05/2013
Size: 171.02 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1325 Magnet Link torrent

--- finndo77 N/A N/A

gnewsense live 3 0 i386 gnome (Multi.)
A product sponsored by the Free Software Foundation, gNewSense is a Debian-based Linux distribution released without any proprietary and non-free components, and several enhancements. Notably, all proprietary firmware, restricted modules and Debian logos are removed. The goal of the project is to produce a totally free ("libre") Linux distribution.

Added On: 08/08/2013
Size: 1.05 GB
Seeds 9
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1829 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A
Other Distros

justbrowsing64 (20140808) OnlyFirefox
If all you use your computer for is checking email, social networking, watching cat videos and online shopping, this is the distro for you. Perfect for guests, user privacy in mind with a lock screen and browsing history is always erased on power off. Designed to be run from a Live CD or USB. An optional configuration file can be saved to any storage medium (must be labeled: JUSTDATA) can be used to load the settings on boot. Settings such as display resolution, timezone, browser language, k

Added On: 09/08/2014
Size: 467.10 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 43 Magnet Link torrent

--- justbrowsingcd N/A 100%

wattOS R8 32bit mate iso
The newest version of wattOS - 32bit Mate' desktop edition - Debian based now. MD5sum is 176bf1a9029d9dd6f388a472288e2de1

Added On: 11/05/2014
Size: 788.00 MB
Seeds 6
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1709 Magnet Link torrent

--- biffbaxter N/A 100%

Ubuntu 14 04 Custom Minimal Image for Odroid C1 (31 Jan 15) (Multi.)
This is a custom image of Ubuntu 14.04 built for the Odroid-C1 [url][/url]. This is a minimal image, released on 31-Jan-15 Install Instructions can be found here: [url][/url] Wiki article with more information can be found here: [url][/url]

Added On: 01/02/2015
Size: 121.47 MB
Seeds 17
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 166 Magnet Link torrent

--- MuVQoDgu N/A N/A
WT Av.
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