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660.93 MB
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trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
692.00 MB
24 1
Other Distros
655.00 MB
0 0
lubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso (EXT)
706.00 MB
145 1

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Debian 7 1 0 i386 (Disc 3 of 10) (Multi.)
This disc is labeled Debian GNU/Linux 7.1.0 "Wheezy" - Official i386 DVD Binary-3 which means that this disc is number 1 of a set of 10 discs It contains programs ("binaries") for `i386' computers. The programs on the Binary discs are ordered by popularity. The Binary-1 disc contains the most popular programs and the installation tools; it is possible to install and run Debian with only the Binary-1 disc. The other discs, up to Binary-10, contain mostly special-interest programs. Th

Added On: 10/10/2013
Size: 4.37 GB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 7 Magnet Link torrent

--- venustus N/A N/A

SparkyLinux 3 2 1 Xfce x86 64
SparkyLinux Xfce Edition is a lightweight & fast Debian testing based Live Linux distribution featuring Xfce desktop. For more details visit the project site:

Added On: 30/01/2014
Size: 1.32 GB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 195 Magnet Link torrent

--- pavroo N/A 100%

Fedora 18 i686 Live KDE (Multi.)
Fedora 18, the latest stable version of the Red Hat-sponsored community distribution of Linux, has finally arrived: [quote]The Fedora project is incredibly delighted to announce the release of Fedora 18. What's new? The user interface for Fedora's installation software, Anaconda, has been completely re-written from the ground up. Making its debut in Fedora 18, the new UI introduces major improvements to the installation experience. It uses a hub-and-spoke model that makes installation easier f

Added On: 16/01/2013
Size: 805.00 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 2097 Magnet Link torrent

--- clowenstein N/A N/A

Tails i386 1 0 (Multi.)
Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to: use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship; all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network; leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging. https://tails

Added On: 06/05/2014
Size: 908.55 MB
Seeds 258
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1945 Magnet Link torrent

--- ObrienDave N/A N/A

grml64 full 2013 09 (Multi.)
Grml is a bootable CD (live CD) based on Debian GNU/Linux. It includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for users of text tools and system administrators. It also provides automatic hardware detection. Grml can be used as a rescue system, for analysing systems and networks, or as a working environment. Due to on-the-fly decompression, Grml includes about 2 GB of software and documentation on the CD.

Added On: 30/09/2013
Size: 362.00 MB
Seeds 11
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 193 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A

linuxmint xfce 201104 dvd 32bit iso
Because it never had a torrent!

Added On: 24/03/2014
Size: 958.12 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 13 Magnet Link torrent

--- lizzi-swane N/A 100%

Peppermint 4 20130611 i386 iso (Multi.)
Kendall Weaver has announced the release of Peppermint OS Four, a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 13.04: [url][/url]

Added On: 19/06/2013
Size: 588.00 MB
Seeds 7
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 514 Magnet Link torrent

--- friTTe N/A N/A
Open-Source Software

LibreOffice 3 6 3 Help for Windows, English package
LibreOffice is the power-packed free, libre and open source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Please see

Added On: 01/11/2012
Size: 8.16 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 10 Magnet Link torrent

--- rsandu N/A 100%

wattOS R8 Microwatt iso
wattOS R8 - Microwatt edition - lightweight Openbox edition. All new Debian based. MD5sum is 32367be6216e5290e8c34b9b95f00849

Added On: 11/05/2014
Size: 650.00 MB
Seeds 23
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 3742 Magnet Link torrent

--- biffbaxter N/A 100%

debian live 7 5 0 i386 xfce desktop iso (Multi.)
Live install images A live install image contains a Debian system that can boot without modifying any files on the hard drive and also allows installation of Debian from the contents of the image. Is a live image suitable for me? Here are some things to consider that will help you decide. Launcher: In addition to text and GUI install options in the boot menu, the desktop flavors contain a launcher on the desktop that can be used to install while running the live image. Flavors: The liv

Added On: 19/06/2014
Size: 1.01 GB
Seeds 31
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 207 Magnet Link torrent

--- ObrienDave N/A N/A
Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition 3 4 Lite x64
Release Name: Ultimate Edition 3.4 Lite Architecture: x64 (64 bit) file downloaded from homepage:

Added On: 14/03/2013
Size: 2.37 GB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 98 Magnet Link torrent

--- Technik007[CZ] N/A 100%

Gentoo Linux install x86 minimal 20130528
Gentoo Linux minimal installation ISO for x86-based systems

Added On: 24/06/2013
Size: 157.00 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 130 Magnet Link torrent

--- wlchase N/A 100%

clonezilla live 2 0 1 15
Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2.0.1-15, a new stable release of the distribution's live CD with specialist open-source utilities designed for disk cloning tasks: [quote]This release of Clonezilla live (2.0.1-15) includes minor enhancements and bug fixes. Enhancements and changes: the underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded, this release is based on the Debian 'sid' repository as of 2012-12-17; Linux kernel was updated to 3.2.35; module floppy was listed i

Added On: 18/12/2012
Size: 337.00 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 201 Magnet Link torrent

--- clowenstein N/A 100%

ViciBox5 i686 5 0 3 preload
VICIbox Server is the official installation CD for the VICIDIAL Call Center Suite. It is based off of OpenSuSE server, and will properly install the VICIDIAL Call Center Suite with relative ease. Forum topic about this version: official download site: official md5sum for this iso:

Added On: 29/10/2013
Size: 516.00 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 17 Magnet Link torrent

--- DomeDan N/A 100%
Other Distros

justbrowsing64 (20140808) OVA pack
[size=5]JustBrowsing Virtualbox OVA images[/size] [code]Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) is a portable Virtual Appliance bundle containing a Virtual Machine. JustBrowsing .ova files are generated from .iso builds and make it easy to test JustBrowsing or distribute across a computer lab.[/code] If all you use your computer for is checking email, social networking, watching cat videos and online shopping, this is the distro for you. Perfect for guests, user privacy in mind with a lock scree

Added On: 10/08/2014
Size: 2.10 GB
Seeds 4
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 24 Magnet Link torrent

--- justbrowsingcd N/A 100%
WT Av.
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