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trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
692.00 MB
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Calculate linux

Calculate desktop mate 14 16 2 i686 (Multi.)
Calculate Linux is a Gentoo-based family of three distinguished distributions. Calculate Directory Server (CDS) is a solution that supports Windows and Linux clients via LDAP + SAMBA, providing proxy, mail and Jabbers servers with streamlined user management. Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD) is a workstation and client distribution with KDE, GNOME or Xfce desktop that includes a wizard to configure a connection to Calculate Directory Server. Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) is live CD with a build fra

Added On: 25/07/2015
Size: 1.58 GB
Seeds 20
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 279 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A N/A

Sabayon Linux 15 06 amd64 KDE iso (Multi.)
Sabayon 15.06 is a modern and easy to use Linux distribution based on Gentoo, following an extreme, yet reliable, rolling release model. This is a monthly release generated, tested and published to mirrors by our build servers containing the latest and greatest collection of software available in the Entropy repositories.

Added On: 05/06/2015
Size: 2.17 GB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 66 Magnet Link torrent

--- merkuron N/A N/A

uberstudent 4 0 xfce amd64
Stephen Ewen has announced the release of UberStudent 4.0. [url][/url] Home: [url][/url]

Added On: 21/07/2014
Size: 2.61 GB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 443 Magnet Link torrent

--- Kjetil N/A 100%

SparkyLinux 4 0 CLI i586
SparkyLinux is a lightweight & fast Debian testing based Live Linux distribution featuring set of customized desktops. CLI Edition provides core, text based system and a few tools. More details at

Added On: 03/07/2015
Size: 402.51 MB
Seeds 4
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 29 Magnet Link torrent

--- pavroo N/A 100%

manjaro lxde 0 8 13 1 i686 iso
Maintenance release for manjaro community editions to align with i3 edition release.

Added On: 09/08/2015
Size: 665.00 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 15 Magnet Link torrent

--- merkuron N/A 100%

OnlyHuman e19x64 2015 01 01
Enlightenment January 2015 e19 PCLinuxOS community remaster by OnlyHuman Happy New Year, the 64 bit version fit a cd (700mb) (the 64bit is musician friendly) More at:,130134.msg1098098.html#msg1098098

Added On: 02/01/2015
Size: 699.51 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 101 Magnet Link torrent

--- DeBaas N/A 100%

Bodhi 2 3 0 x64 (Multi.)
Bodhi Linux is an Ubuntu-based distribution for the desktop featuring the elegant and lightweight Enlightenment window manager. The project, which integrates and pre-configures the very latest builds of Enlightenment directly from the project's development repository, offers modularity, high level of customisation, and choice of themes. The default Bodhi system is light -- the only pre-installed applications are Midori, LXTerminal, EFM (Enlightenment File Manager), Leafpad and Synaptic -- but mo

Added On: 27/08/2013
Size: 603.00 MB
Seeds 21
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 3706 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A

Bodhi Linux 3 1 0 Pre Release
Jeff Hoogland has announced the availability of the initial development build of Bodhi Linux 3.1.0, a desktop distribution featuring the Enlightenment window manager, still based on Ubuntu 14.04: "Bodhi 3.1.0 pre-release image. Getting back to having releases within their targeted release dates. Because this is the first release to use an early Moksha build I am putting out this pre-release disc for folks to help me catch (and fix) rough edges before we call this an official release. Please give

Added On: 04/08/2015
Size: 534.00 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 11 Magnet Link torrent

--- mcangeli N/A 100%

Gparted live 0 23 0 1 i586
GParted Live is a business card-size live CD distribution with a single purpose - to provide tools for partitioning hard disks in an intuitive, graphical environment. The distribution uses X.Org, the light-weight Fluxbox window manager, and the latest 4.x Linux kernel. GParted Live runs on most x86 machines with a Pentium II or better.

Added On: 07/08/2015
Size: 244.00 MB
Seeds 6
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 37 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A 100%
Open-source software

LibreOffice 5 0 0 Linux x86 deb tar gz (Multi.)
LibreOffice 5.0 is the corner stone of our mobile clients on Android and Ubuntu Touch as well as our upcoming cloud version. It is also the first version to come in 64 bits for Windows. As such LibreOffice 5 serves as the foundation of our current developments and is a great plaftorm to extend, innovate and collaborate with!

Added On: 05/08/2015
Size: 213.20 MB
Seeds 33
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 866 Magnet Link torrent

--- merkuron N/A N/A

clonezilla live 20150217 utopic amd64 iso
Ubuntu based "alternate" release, 64 bit

Added On: 23/03/2015
Size: 181.00 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 83 Magnet Link torrent

--- ogghi N/A 100%

debian 8 1 0 amd64 i386 netinst iso (Multi.)
The Debian project is pleased to announce the first update of its stable distribution Debian 8 (codename "jessie"). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories were already published separately and are referenced where available. Please note that this update does not constitute a new version of Debian 8 but only updates some of the packages included. There is no need to throw away old "

Added On: 08/06/2015
Size: 555.00 MB
Seeds 68
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 718 Magnet Link torrent

--- merkuron N/A N/A

Linux Mint 17 1 kde 32 bit (Multi.)
Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution whose goal is to provide a more complete out-of-the-box experience by including browser plugins, media codecs, support for DVD playback, Java and other components. It also adds a custom desktop and menus, several unique configuration tools, and a web-based package installation interface. Linux Mint is compatible with Ubuntu software repositories.

Added On: 14/05/2015
Size: 1.49 GB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 293 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A N/A

slackware64 14 0 (Multi.)
That's right, the long wait is finally over and a new stable release of Slackware has arrived! Since our last stable release, a lot has changed in the Linux and FOSS world. The kernel has moved on to major version 3 (we're using the long term supported 3.2.29 kernel for this release), has released X11R7.7, and Firefox has had a whopping *11* major releases to arrive at version 15.0.1! We've brought together the best of these and other modern components and worked our magic on them. You'll

Added On: 03/06/2013
Size: 2.25 GB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 763 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A
WT Av.
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