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trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
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ROSA 2012 Enterprise Linux Server i386 (Multi.)
The ROSA team is happy to announce ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS) 'Helium' 2012 server operating system. RELS 2012 is based on a combination of a package base from Red Hat, the world leader in the server operating system market, modern open technologies from upstream and brand-name ROSA tools and applications. This allows to achieve binary-level compatibility with popular enterprise applications and at the same time extend the system functionality, e.g., for easier integration with existing

Added On: 13/11/2012
Size: 2.40 GB
Seeds 27
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 47 Magnet Link torrent

--- mcangeli N/A N/A

Puppy es OS Passaggio (Multi.)
Que es puppy-es ?. Es una distribuci?n GNU/Linux creada el core con el script de creaci?n desde el codigo fuente con T2. Es un proyecto del canal irc #puppy-es (servidor freenode) en espa?ol para tener nuestro puppy enteramente al espa?ol. Es desarrollada completamente sobre una base voluntaria y comunitaria. Puppy-es Passaggio esta basada en woof 525 del usuario playdaz y se aprovecharon actualizaciones de puppy 5.28. Se actualizaron paqueteria base y aplicaciones. Algunas ca

Added On: 07/11/2013
Size: 154.48 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 16 Magnet Link torrent

--- mama21mama N/A N/A
System Rescue

supergrub1 09799 complete
[b]Short explanation[/b] Super Grub Disk is outdated. Please use one of the following tools: Rescatux ( ) . Tool for fixing Grub. Super Grub2 Disk ( ) . Tool for booting into your system. [b]Long explanation[/b] Super Grub Disk was outdated on July 21, 2011. People still are downloading it because either they don't know that Super Grub2 Disk is there (just using old links) or because it is stil

Added On: 14/02/2014
Size: 23.38 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 921 Magnet Link torrent

--- adrian15 N/A 100%

Ubuntu 11 04 VMware image
This Ubuntu 11.04 VMware image has VMware Tools out of the box installed. More info about using [url=][b]images from VMware[/b][/url] and how to set up the Unity desktop of the Ubuntu 11.04 appliance is available on our site.

Added On: 18/08/2011
Size: 692.76 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1912 Magnet Link torrent

--- lotus N/A 100%
System Rescue

systemrescuecd x86 3 7 0 iso
SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions. It comes with a lot of linux software such as system tools (parted, partimage, fstools, ...) and basic tools (editors, midnight commander, network tools). It can be used for both Linux and windows computers, and on

Added On: 07/06/2013
Size: 399.36 MB
Seeds 3
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 321 Magnet Link torrent

--- FuturePilot N/A 100%

pclinuxos64 mate 2014 12
Release Date: 19-12-2014 MATE64 Desktop The MATE Desktop: a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer. MATE’s focus is ease of use, stability, and provides all the common tools computer users expect from a modern computing environment. Produced by: texstar User Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Features: Kernel 3.18.1 for maximum desktop performance. xorg 1.14.6 mesa 10.4.0

Added On: 20/12/2014
Size: 700.03 MB
Seeds 15
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1774 Magnet Link torrent

--- DeBaas N/A 100%

antiX 12 core libre 486 iso
antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install linux live CD distribution based on Debian Testing for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems. antiX offers users the \"antiX Magic\" in an environment suitable for old computers. So don't throw away that old computer yet! The goal of antiX is to provide a light, but fully functional and flexible free operating system for both newcomers and experienced users of Linux. It should run on most computers, ranging from 64MB old PII 266 systems with pre-config

Added On: 11/08/2012
Size: 136.00 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 175 Magnet Link torrent

--- ceandrewk N/A 100%

DamnSmallLinux 4 4 10
This is the standard isolinux version, which is used for liveCD, frugal, or traditional harddrive install. What is DSL? Damn Small Linux is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution. Damn Small is small enough and smart enough to do the following things: Boot from a business card CD as a live linux distribution (LiveCD) Boot from a USB pen drive Boot from within a host operating system (that's right, it can run *inside* Windows) Run very nicely from an

Added On: 12/11/2012
Size: 49.90 MB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 210 Magnet Link torrent

--- fotoryder N/A 100%

ubuntu 10 10 desktop amd64 iso (Multi.)
Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop 64bit (Maverick Meerkat) More info at

Added On: 18/02/2015
Size: 694.99 MB
Seeds 28
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 60 Magnet Link torrent

--- oldubuntu N/A N/A

Scientific Linux 6 5 x86 64 DVD (Multi.)
Scientific Linux is a recompiled Red Hat Enterprise Linux, co-developed by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Although it aims to be fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it also provides additional packages not found in the upstream product; the most notable among these are various file systems, including Cluster Suite and Global File System (GFS), FUSE, OpenAFS, Squashfs and Unionfs, wireless networking support with Intel

Added On: 09/02/2014
Size: 4.14 GB
Seeds 17
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 95 Magnet Link torrent

--- karaveir N/A N/A
Other Distros

Frugalware Linux 2 0 basic x86 64
Frugalware Linux is an independently developed general purpose desktop Linux distribution designed for intermediate users. It follows simple Slackware-like design concepts and includes the "pacman" package management utility from Arch Linux.

Added On: 17/02/2015
Size: 444.93 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 20 Magnet Link torrent

--- Blueeyez N/A 100%
Calculate Linux

Calculate 14 12 amd64 (Multi.)
This is the latest Desktop edition of Calculate Linux, version 14.12. The ISO is a 64-bit build for x86 architecture. This edition features the KDE desktop. MD% checksum: 3646c0d6c294e64eb711b24e6d293d96

Added On: 23/12/2014
Size: 2.25 GB
Seeds 26
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 111 Magnet Link torrent

--- daemonpenguin N/A N/A

SparkyLinux 3 1 Ultra x86 64
SparkyLinux Ultra Edition is a lightweight & fast Debian testing based Live Linux distribution featuring ultra light and fast, customized Openbox and JWM desktops. For more details visit the project site:

Added On: 29/09/2013
Size: 1.38 GB
Seeds 2
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 238 Magnet Link torrent

--- pavroo N/A 100%
Other Distros

jondo live cd 0 9 40 en iso
Jondo Live-CD / DVD offers a secure, pre-configured environment for anonymous surfing and more. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux. The live system contains proxy clients for JonDonym, Tor Onion Router and the remailer Mixmaster. JonDoBrowser is pre-configured for anonymous web surfing, Thunderbird with Enigmail for e-mails, Pidgin for anonymous instant messaging and chats, Parole media player, Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit for cleaning documents and images and more application are part of the liv

Added On: 02/03/2013
Size: 700.00 MB
Seeds 1
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 187 Magnet Link torrent

--- gaston N/A 100%

Tails i386 1 0 (Multi.)
Tails is a live operating system, that you can start on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to: use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship; all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network; leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly; use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging. https://tails

Added On: 06/05/2014
Size: 908.55 MB
Seeds 75
Leechers ↓ 0
Completed 1562 Magnet Link torrent

--- ObrienDave N/A N/A
WT Av.
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