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[New Torrent] hamradio-live-20141221-i386.iso
Last post by Guest
On 21/12/2014 18:52:01
[New Torrent] hamradio-live-20141221-amd64.iso
Last post by Guest
On 21/12/2014 16:32:55
[New Torrent] pclinuxos64-mate-2014.12
Last post by DeBaas
On 19/12/2014 20:38:26
[New Torrent] pclinuxos-mate-2014.12
Last post by DeBaas
On 19/12/2014 20:34:40
[New Torrent] pclinuxos64-lxde-2014.12
Last post by DeBaas
On 19/12/2014 20:18:39

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trisquel 6o0o1 i686 (EXT)
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lubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso (EXT)
706.00 MB
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OpenELEC 2 0 (All releases)
For more information about every release please look at the openELEC download page: [url][/url] OpenELEC is an embedded Linux distribution that aims to allow people to use their Home Theatre PC (HTPC) in the same manner as any other device attached to your TV - like a DVD player or Sky box. Turn on your box, and OpenELEC is ready for usage in less than 10 seconds - as fast as some DVD players. A simple remote control is all you need to complete the experience. W

Added On: 19/10/2012
Size: 886.64 MB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 2
Completed 35 Magnet Link torrent

--- Pimmetje N/A 0%

Vesta 07 13 iso
[url][/url] Kernel 3.10.0 Vesta - Live Linux distribution kit for draft development and daily work. He is accurate on gcc (vesta) 4.9.0, Glibc 2.17 and OpenJDK 8 which are brought together on Vesta's previous version. The kernel, modules of a kernel and base unit of system to be loaded into random access memory that provides rather decent speed of work. Functionality of system is defined by existence/absence of pplications (EXTends) in in catalog /EXT of the boot de

Added On: 01/07/2013
Size: 4.31 GB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 2
Completed 34 Magnet Link torrent

--- ida N/A 0%

ROSA Desktop Fresh 2012 GNOME x86 64 (Multi.)
ROSA community members have prepared a variation of ROSA Desktop Fresh 2012 operating system with GNOME desktop environment. [url][/url] Traditionally, original versions of ROSA Desktop operating system are provided with KDE desktop environment which includes a lot of design modifications and functionality enhancements. A nice-looking ROSA theme and a set of brand-name applications highly integrated with KDE (TimeFrame, StackFolder, RocketBar, KLook, KDM) have alread

Added On: 12/07/2013
Size: 1.16 GB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 1
Completed --- Magnet Link torrent

--- PastorDi N/A N/A
Other Distros

altlinux 7 0 0 simply x86 64 live dvd5 iso
Ilya Mashkin has announced the release of ALT Linux 7.0 "Centaurus" and "Simply" editions. The "Centaurus" variant is a complete enterprise-class operating system featuring the MATE 1.6.0 desktop environment (even though the installation program calls it "GNOME"), while the "Simply" edition is an easy-to-use operating system customised for office workstations and home computers, and featuring the Xfce 4.10 desktop. Besides the usual i586 and x86_64 builds, the "Simply" edition is now also availa

Added On: 05/07/2013
Size: 949.00 MB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 1
Completed 15 Magnet Link torrent

--- Kjetil N/A 0%

SparkyLinux 3 6 Enlightenment19 i586
SparkyLinux is a lightweight & fast Debian testing live Linux distribution featuring customized Enlightenment desktop. More details at

Added On: 17/12/2014
Size: 780.00 MB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 3
Completed 1 Magnet Link torrent

--- pavroo N/A 88%

SparkyLinux 3 0 RC MATE i486
SparkyLinux MATE Edition is a lightweight & fast Debian testing based Live Linux distribution featuring MATE desktop - a fork of GNOME 2. For more details visit the project site:

Added On: 08/07/2013
Size: 1.58 GB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 1
Completed 47 Magnet Link torrent

--- pavroo N/A 0%

Oracle Linux 6 3 x86 64
Oracle has announced the release of Oracle 6.3, an enterprise-class distribution based on the recently-released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3: "Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux 6.3 for x86 (32-bit) and x86_64 (64-bit) architectures. Oracle Linux 6.3 ships with two sets of kernel packages: Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (kernel-uek 2.6.39), installed and booted by default; Red Hat Compatible Kernel (kernel-2.6.32), installed by default. By default, both the Unb

Added On: 29/06/2012
Size: 3.42 GB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 1
Completed 362 Magnet Link torrent

--- Fr0zen N/A 0%

Pear OS 8 Alpha 1 x86
The first alpha of the next release is available to download This version is available in 32 & 64 bit. Feature : - New panel - New boot splash - Updated theme & icons - Pear Spotlight (search) - Notification Center (new version) - Miro as default player - and more…. Pear software (MyPear, Clean My Pear…) and Libreoffice will be available in beta version only.

Added On: 23/07/2013
Size: 971.00 MB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 1
Completed 45 Magnet Link torrent

--- Fr0zen N/A 0%

Elive ISOs Museum Up to Elive 2 0 Topaz v1 2
All the original Elive Stable versions plus some special versions, a wonderful experience! Changelog: - v1.2: Added zeitgeist and macbook versions, the first is an example of a customized elive with a nice finish, and the second was a special version to work on some first generation macbooks with special drivers and features compiz elive_1.9.22-4-compiz_unstable.iso elive_1.9.36-compiz_unstable.iso elive_1.9.40-compiz_unstable.iso Elive_0.1_nibeta_nialpha.iso Elive_0.3.iso Elive_

Added On: 11/12/2013
Size: 9.89 GB
Seeds ↓ 0
Leechers 4
Completed --- Magnet Link torrent

--- Thanatermesis N/A 86%
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