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MOFO Linux v2.0   
Torrent MOFO Linux v2.0

If you need a Bittorrent client, try TransmissionBT on MacOS or Linux

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Description Welcome to MOFO Linux v2.0!

MOFO Linux is updated to v4.2:

MOFO Linux is an operating system based on Porteus (Slackware). This distrubution is optimized for overcoming common methods of internet censorship used by governments, corporations, and internet service providers. It contains office, multimedia, and internet applications enabling you to connect without restrictions anywhere there is an internet connection.

MOFO is designed for easy usage on home PCs, laptops, and any computers found in internet cafes around the world.  Use MOFO Linux to break free of oppressive authorities trying to control the flow of information or "own the truth."

The normal user is "guest" with password "guest"  and for privileged tasks, the root user is "root" with password "root" (without the quotes).

MOFO Linux has Privoxy, encrypted DNS, and OpenVPN support included among its more hardened features.  Usage and installation are flexible.  MOFO can be used as a boot disc, installed to a  USB device, or installed on a hard drive in a manner similar to other live Linux distros.

Browsing history and computing activity are destroyed when MOFO Linux is shut down from "copy to RAM" and "always fresh" boot selections.  The "Razor-QT Desktop" features persistence for users of flash memory devices or hard drive installations.


To use an Open VPN service with MOFO Linux, follow these steps:

1) Keep a copy of your ovpn, key, and crt files on a USB flashdrive or SD card. A folder on your MOFO Linux USB drive is an ideal location.

2) After booting the system, use the file browser to navigate to and click the ovpn file for the server you want to use. MOFO is configured to open a terminal window and connect to the VPN, displaying the usual status messages.  To break the VPN link, issue a CTRL-C command in the terminal.

Networkmanager can also manage OpenVPN connections.  Just click the networking icon and follow the menu prompts for adding/creating a new server connection.  It has a few bugs, hence the suggestion to keep the files separately and click the ovpn config file.

If you don't have a subscription to a VPN service, simply use the free servers at  If VPN Gate is blocked in your country, try these mirrors to get their latest OpenVPN files:


Firefox is the default browser, and there are two proxy options: privoxy and I2P. Privoxy is a local proxy designed to filter out much of the junk one is subjected to during a browsing session, and it blocks a fair amount of scripts and web code.  I2P is a serious privacy and anonymity tool.  It is configured as a proxy, but does several complex tasks to conceal identity and browsing activity.  Both services are configured to start at boot time and are continuously available.  Firefox in MOFO Linux defaults to Privoxy, but I2P can be used by simply setting the proxy ports.  The new settings will be retained if persistent changes are used.

To use Privoxy, configure Firefox to use these manually entered proxy settings:
http  on
https on  (SSL encrypted pages)

I2P uses different ports, but the same local IP address:
http  on
https on  (SSL encrypted pages)


Set up a special encrypted and obfuscated container for your sensitive files using Truecrypt.  A common method is to use MOFO on a large flash drive, and set up a hidden container inside a separate partition.  Truecrypt is quite strong - it takes a very, very sophisticated adversary (and a very, very long time) to detect and break a truecrypt container.


New to  MOFO Linux 2.0 is built-in support for Chinese (Simplified)! Users in China will appreciate the greater ease of use provided by having two languages available.  MOFO defaults to English, but the language may be changed through the System Tools menu.  Click on the desired language icon.  Log out then log in to activate the new language settings.

Good Luck And Hang Tough,
Captain Thermobaric

MOFO Linux Changelog:

Version 1.0:
        -Porteus base system v1.0, 32 bits, Linux kernel
        -Firefox 4
        -DNS server rotation scheme
        -Skype 2.1 for Linux

Version 1.1:
        -Upgraded Porteus base system v1.1, 32 bits, Linux kernel 3.1.8
        -Upgraded Firefox 10.0.2
        -Privoxy 3.0.19 integrated with Firefox
        -DNSrypt system replaces DNS server rotation scheme
        -Minor system tweaks

Version 2.0:
        -Upgraded Porteus base system v2.1, 64 bits, Linux kernel 3.7.8
        -I2P version
        -L2TP/IPsec VPN support included
        -Upgraded Libre Office 4.1
        -Upgraded Firefox 21.0.0 with Flashplayer
        -Privoxy 3.0.21 integrated with Firefox
        -DNSrypt system upgraded to 1.3.3
        -Minor system tweaks
        -Generic video driver for greater hardware compatibility
        -kype version 4.2
        -Google Talk

Future Changes:
        -Possible inclusion of TOR if flaws are remedied
        -L2TP/IPSec VPN
        -Soft Ether SSL VPN
        -System upgrades
        -Smoother software integration

End of Document

For More Information, visit Distrowatch

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