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Torrent’s details
Andy's Ham Radio Linux v14 amd64   
Torrent Andy's Ham Radio Linux v14 amd64

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Info Hash 574aa18c46c2d4db98ffe5c411477fd66289e590
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Description Andy's Ham Radio Linux
MD5: 35b9ebdc65fc8b9d1ba067ee5c5411b6
My goal in creating this DVD was to allow the user to have an easier way
to get started with a Linux computer and an amateur radio. There is still a
lot for the user to do However, I have complete confidence in your ability
to learn what you may not yet know how to do. After all, you're a licensed
amateur radio operator

If you are the type of person who can install a tube into your rig with
no further direction, or perhaps a circuit board in your computer, then
this DVD may be for you. However, if you need to be told to get the
screwdriver and remove the screws first, with pictures and text, you may
be disappointed.

This DVD is based on Ubuntu 12.04 and is a Remix DVD. This means that the
selection of software packages is not the same as the standard Ubuntu
12.04. The vast majority of the programs on this DVD came directly from
the Ubuntu repository. A few programs were installed either directly from
source, or installed as a precompiled binary. To the best of my knowledge,
there is no proprietary software on this DVD. If you find any proprietary
software on this DVD, please send me email.

Based on the assumptions above, software was selected for its usefulness
to amateur radio, as well as being considerate of the relatively limited
memory, reduced CPU horsepower, and possibly reduced disk space of an
older computer. Lightweight software need not be primitive in either
function or appearance My old Sony VAIO laptop, with 256MB of memory
and a 1GHz processor, is the standard which was used.

The included amateur radio software is shown: - command line program used with RigExpert AA-xxx analyzers
ax25 - software for AX.25 packet radio
chirp - used to program frequencies into HTs (chirpw)
cqrlog - a full featured QSO logging program
cwwav - command line program to convert text files to CW wav or mp3
direwolf - soundcard TNC for APRS
earthtrack - used with predict and xplanet to display satellites
freedv - SSB low bit rate digital voice
flamp - NBEMS program for Amateur Multicast Protocol (AMP)
fldigi - digital modes such as PSK31 (NBEMS)
flmsg - companion to fldigi, a simple forms management editor
for standard message formats (NBEMS)
fllog - to provide a common log across networked computers
flrig - rig control
flwkey - modem program for the K1EL Winkeyer series
flwrap - companion to fldigi, file encapsulation / compression
Fl Moxgen - Moxon Rectangle antenna design program
gerbv - view Gerber files
glfer - QRSS (slow CW) or DFCW (Dual Frequency CW) modes
GNU Radio - GNU software defined radio
gpredict - satellite tracking
gqrx - software defined radio receiver
grig - rig control software
gspiceui - GUI interface for spice
gwave - analog waveform viewer (e.g. spice output)
hamlib - radio control library
ibp - HF beacons
linamc - packet radio ax.25 mail client
mfcgpl - Micro-Fox 15 configuration GUI
net - a net control logging program by W1HKJ
owx - Open Wouxun, command line programs for Wouxun HTs
pcb - interactive printed circuit board editor
predict - predict orbits of satellites (used with earthtrack)
quisk - software defined radio receiver
qrq - CW callsign practice
qsstv - SSTV (slow scan TV)
qtel - Echolink client
soundmodem - user mode driver for packet radio (useful with xastir)
splat - command line HF propagation prediction
sunclock - track day/night line on Earth
svxlink - Echolink server
TQSL - used with ARRL Logbook of the World
TQSL Cert - used with ARRL Logbook of the World
voacapl - VOACAP for Linux - propagation prediction
wsjt - weak signal communication
wsjt-x - weak signal communication - JT9 and JT65
xastir - APRS mapping
xcwcp - CW code practice
xdx - DX cluster TCP/IP client
xlog - simpler QSO logging program
xnec2c - antenna modeling software
xplanet - used by earthtrack and predict to track satellites
xwxapt - display APT images from weather satellites
Category Ubuntu
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AddDate 08/01/2014
Uploader powderfinger
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08/01/2014 22.27.42
Andy KB1IOQ has a Ham Radio Linux SourceForge page with more information on the specialized packages.

He's put together a nice distro, and it is popular among people using their USB television dongles for radio listening, among other things.